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Baby and toddler shower and party favors and digital slide show creations to treasure the baby time forever.

My Baby Shower Shop

My Baby Shower Shop offers Baby shower supplies for traditional and virtual showers. (links directly to my Etsy shop: MyBabyShowerShop).

Traditional Baby Showers
The tablescape radiates a theme personalized for mommy-to-be and her new baby. Guests explore the adorable decorations, sweet treats, designer cake, guest favors and table covered in well chosen baby gifts for a new beginning.

My Baby Shower Shop offers: 
  • Theme centerpieces created from vintage decor, mixed with paper crafted designs.
  • Each centerpiece becomes nursery decor after your event. 
  • Handcrafted shower invitations both paper and digital
  • Guest favor supplies, bags, boxes, glass jars 
  • Guest gifts like coasters, bees wax candles, lavender and keepsakes.
  • Exclusive Baby Shower Games designed for each theme, BONUS is mom will receive a 4 x 6 image of each game to place as a keepsake in  her baby book.
  • Thank you cards both paper and digital options.
  • Decorations, banners and front door signs.
  • Reception table, Food bars, or Candy bars decorations, food tags and gift tags for gifting and scrapbooking using Project Life (c).

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    CONTEST on INSTAGRAM by @mybabyshowershop 1 FREE week of Virtual baby shower hosting and supplies. Hosting on Instagram...

    Posted by My Baby Shower Shop on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Contest is for United States residents, void where contests are prohibited. Winner has the option to choose the hosting on Facebook or Instagram. I can create and manage the Facebook page for the mom/baby shower host during that week and will assign the Administrative rights back to the winner following the completion of my hosting services. I am able to manage an Instagram account without password disclosure. You may schedule the event date for 7 days, between November 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. No cash value if not redeemed. If winner fails to respond and schedule the hosting within 10 days; a runner up, eligible entrant will receive the prize.
Digital party supplies include your theme, party colors and any invitation/announcement for posting to the chosen social media platform. 3 games that encourage engagement from guests. 3 $5.00 Amazon gift cards, $15 value for winners of each game. You may choose to give guests additional prizes at your own cost. Management of your event, is to help with posting pictures, helping guests, running the games. An email address is necessary for winners to receive their $5 Amazon gift cards. I will provide an 1 hour per day for 6 days and up to 3 hours on the main celebration date. Winner will possess full admin rights to the account or page the event is hosted on. I will temporarily have admin rights on Facebook or temporary Instagram account access.

Virtual and Online Baby Shower Hosting and Supplies for Moms at a distance from guests.

A divide among mom, family and friends can now gather together online. Live video hosting allows anyone from across the globe to celebrate a new baby. Virtual, online baby showers utilize social media with live video webcasting tools; allowing for live coverage of the gift opening ceremony. Guests can interact and witness the whole event.

How does one plan it and what is needed?  My Baby Shower Shop hosts your live shower and helps you from beginning to completion.
Hosting virtual baby showers in the most modern ways, with online party supplies, games, live videos and social media engagement and sharing.  Instructions along with "how to" video will help guests join in, as well as shop your online baby registry and ship gifts directly to mom for the "live" gift opening celebration. Our video tool is easy to use, easy for mom and guests to access, and is accessible from a laptop, phone app or notepad. Giving even guests on the run, a chance to sit in from where ever they may be.

Contact Brenda by email: 

Package 1:  Great Start is the basic and lowest cost.
Package 2: Just Right is the medium level of services.
Package 3: Sweet Baby Deal is the full service hosting option, receiving everything offered and related to virtual baby showers.

(Adding links to Package deals that will also be available in my Etsy shop and viewable on the Baby Product Page, fall 2015.) Each one will be explained in great detail, along with links to videos that present the service and give an example of what you get. This is much easier to understand visually, then reading about it!

ll shower party supplies are available for sale in my Etsy Shop:  MyBabyShowerShop, shop for them on the Baby Product Page and complete your purchase in the Etsy Shop when you select any of the items. Custom orders are available to meet theme needs and personalization.

Baby shower supplies are sometimes all one needs, such as adorable food labels, or supplies to create unique games. Creating single scrapbook pages like Mom advice pages are the simple things to purchase, that will create a well thought out, event.

Virtual Baby Shower hosting, supplies, games and social media: Launching Fall 2015, Offering the easiest and most sharable experience for mom, dad and distant guests. Clicking "Virtual Baby Shower" will take you to our sister website with more details, packages and supplies for online baby showers.
  • Facebook Page or Group creation and assistance with adding images, info and updates. Games, prizes and announcements. Event invites.
  • or Hosting on Instagram. I have professional paid training to manage Instagram accounts from InstaAcademy.
  • Digital baby shower invitations and jpeg to print out for the baby book.
  • Digital baby shower games.
  • Live video hosting and interaction from guests while gift opening celebration takes place.
  • Video saves and becomes an On Demand, available by guests to view at anytime.
  • Tips, ideas, other party supply resources. 
  • Online baby shower packages will range from basic needs to Full hosting and supplies. 
My Baby Shower Shop 
is located in Blue Springs, Missouri as an online store. My name is Brenda Kyle (Green). I have extensive background in paper crafting and a passion for baby showers. I am educated in social media via professional summits with top speakers and reading books, watching videos to fully incorporate social media for live baby shower hosting. I have a four year legal degree from Everest University.

*****Explore the options of a live butterfly release and check out the video to see how it is done. 

My Baby Shower ( is a blog with articles, theme ideas and sharing DIY and other finds on the internet. Look for more ideas or ask questions under any of the posts. Artist Blog covering a wider range of topics, including baby things: 

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