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Baby and toddler shower and party favors and digital slide show creations to treasure the baby time forever.

Baby Shower Favors, Shower Invitations and Baby Shower Games

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All hand crafted baby shower favors, sets and supplies are available in my Etsy store. That allows easy payment processing, accepting credit cards, paypal and gift cards.
All products are designed using Stampin Up (c) cardstock, inks and stamps. Vintage items are found online, or at the Brass Armadillo or other antique shops. All handcrafted items will have variances in colors, textures and smoothness. Watercolored images are hand painted and will vary more than other designs. Watercolors are from Stampin Up inks and iridescent water color paints.

Vintage pieces are incorporated into centerpieces that are perfect for the nursery after a baby shower. Keep out of reach of a child and remove the decoration once your child is old enough to reach it. This will prevent any accidents occurring from ceramic planters or other heavy items or paper products that are considered a chocking hazard. This also applies to small animals. 

Exclusive Baby Shower Games in Theme

Share "mom advice" displayed in vintage ceramics with beautiful hand crafted tags. Each tag has a special baby item and space for guests to write words of wisdom for mom-to-be. These are one of a kind designs and are available in my Etsy shop. Coming soon, will be available on Amazon as well.

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Digital shower supplies coming this early summer, 2015 for virtual and online baby showers. Video of product information, packages and how to participate; along with digital party supply needs.
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